Liquid penetrant inspection is a simple method that is used to reveal surface breaking flaws by bleed out of a colored or fluorescent dye from the flaw.

Hi -Tech provides penetrant inspection from low to ultra high sensitivity:

  • Type 1 - Fluorescent Penetrant
  • Type 2 - Visible Penetrant

  • Different Methods used in Hi-Tech:

  • Method A - Water Washable
  • Method B - Post Emulsifiable Lipophilic
  • Method C - Solvent Removable
  • Method D - Post Emulsifiable Hydrophilic

  • We provide our services on site and also in our modern state of the art lab based in Toronto. Some of the pictures of PT indications taken during inspection by Hi-Tech NDE
    Some of the parts-in-service inspected by Hi-Tech


    Numerous linear indications on one of the tooth of the part

    Penetrant Testing2

    Gouging and inspection to make sure the indications are cleared to repair the part


    Stainless Steel 316 - Weld Seam Numerous linear Indications observed during penetrant inspection by our inspector in the stainless steel welds extending to base metal. Possible Reason- welder ran out of Argon gas resulted multiple cracking.

    Penetrant Testing3

    Color contrast visible dye penetrant inspection of some of the parts for Nuclear applications:

    Penetrant Testing5
    Penetrant Testing4
    Penetrant Testing6
    Penetrant Testing7

    You are in good hands....