Magnetic Particle Testing

The magnetic particle test method process is quick and simple in principle and application. It is highly sensitive to the detection of surface and slightly subsurface linear indication. The limitation of this method is the test material must be ferrous. Indications appear on the actual test part and our technicians then map out the size, location and asses the nature of indications. It is less expensive than other more sophisticated methods of quality assurance. It provides limited and variable potential for detection of subsurface indications.

Hi -Tech provides different types of magnetic particles inspection:

  • Dry method non-fluorescent-Dry method provides improved sensitivity for the detection of subsurface flaws.
  • Wet method non-fluorescent
  • Wet method fluorescent-Wet method provides improved sensitivity for the detection of very fine surface flaws.

  • Hi-Tech uses different methods for different applications:

  • Head shot
  • Central Conductor
  • Cable Wrap
  • Yoke AC/DC
  • AC De-Mag Coil

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