About Us

     Hi-Tech NDE Inc with excellent proven track record is one of the country’s leading privately owned ISO 9001, 2015 certified Non Destructive Testing Company. For many years we have been providing NDT services to various industries such as Nuclear, Petro Chemicals, oil & gas, pipeline, construction and other industries throughout Canada.

In the world today, as the technical advancements standards are challenged and limits pushed even higher, so are the requirement for public safety and quality production standards. Thus the Industry demand for the Non Destructive Testing/Examination (NDT/NDE) of the Engineering components is ever-increasing.

Our new location in Toronto has enhanced our location strategy to satisfy our large local clients in Greater Toronto and rest of Canada. Hi Tech offers many specialized inspection methods either on site or in our laboratory.

There are mainly six NDT methods used in Hi-Tech at this time;

Visual                            Surface inspection method

Penetrant                     Surface inspection method

Magnetic Particle       Surface & slightly subsurface inspection

Ultrasonic                    Volumetric inspection method                                                           

Radiography                Volumetric inspection method

PMI                               Material Analysis

Whatever the circumstances under which a non-destructive test is carried out and whatever method is applied there are a number of essential prerequisites that must be met if the engineer is to have confidence in the accuracy of the reported results.


NDT Operator Training, Certification and Approval

It is imperative that personnel responsible for non-destructive testing be trained and highly qualified with a technical understanding of the test equipment and materials, the item under test. All of our technicians are qualified to a minimum of Level II CGSB & ASNT SNT-TC-1A/ACCP in various NDT methods.

NDT Procedures Approval

All of our ASME/CSA NDE procedures are current and written and approved by ASNT/CGSB Level-III. Most of the procedures are demonstrated and approved by TSSA, ANI inspector.

Correctly Maintained and Calibrated Equipment

In Hi-Tech we keep all our NDE equipment in good working condition and maintained current calibration at all the time.

Comprehensive Reporting Procedures and Formats

At the end of the inspection, we generate report of our findings with sketch/photos wherever required.

Surveillance of Testing Activities

We check and conduct audit time to time to ensure the NDE results are consistent. Using the most advanced technologies and with years of experience and knowledge, we ensures customer satisfaction.

Hi-Tech NDE has established and unblemished reputation and the organization’s success remain attributed to firm commitment to quality and timely completion of jobs.

We are confident that you will make the right decision and allow Hi-Tech to serve your NDE inspection requirements.

You are in good hands....